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Castelia Gardens, in the tall grass. Eevee first appeared in The Battling Eevee Brothers. Aipom , Ambipom , Minccino , Cinccino. It has a fluffy cream-colored ruff around its neck and a short, bushy and fox-like tail with a creamy tip. Adaptability increases the users STAB from x1.

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Yellow Its genetic code is unstable, so it could evolve in a variety of ways.

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Ally. Age: 25.
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Its Japanese name, Iibui , literally means "evolve". Eevee, as well as its evolutions, possesses traits from different animals. Its ability to evolve into many forms allows it to adapt smoothly and perfectly to any environment. Gigantamax : Having gotten even friendlier and more innocent, Eevee tries to play with anyone around, only to end up crushing them with its immense body.

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