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harley x nightwing
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How would he know what she deserved? He didn't tell her his plans and left her in here," Nightwing stated. Half of it had to do with the hard bed that they made the inmates sleep on and the other was focused on what Nightwing had said. You see I would, but Batman told me that he should be the one to make you talk. Easy way being you talk to me. Joker had escaped weeks ago, but she didn't have the courage to break herself out.

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Kaylin. Age: 27.
harley x nightwing

They got two free tickets to the Arkham Asylum and now were trapped there until Joker made another plan.

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Lindsay. Age: 29.
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Fanfiction (Harley Quinn+Nightwing)

She had remembered all too well. Hard way being you get forced to talk with Batman To put it simply, she did not want to be talking to him.

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