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However, it can be tough stuff, finding other gay teens. Feeling like you are the only gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender teen can be pretty awful. I ran off one day in a fit of tears looking for someone to talk to that had all of the answers. If you live in a large metropolitan area, it might be easier than if you are in a rural or suburban community. A surprising number of smaller communities provide services for GLBT youth. Just like the name implies, it has some excellent resources for GLBT teens. And what makes a college-friendly?

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Jayleen. Age: 21.
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If you search for things like lesbian teen chat or gay teen chat, you might stumble across everything from people trying to sell you something to pornography.

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Celine. Age: 21.
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How to Make Friends in the GLBT Teen Community

Be as upfront with your parents as possible! If something seems fishy or makes you uncomfortable, leave. The year-old girl who loves all the same bands as you and also fights about curfews with her mom might really be someone middle-aged, just looking for a laugh or worse.

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