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After only six months of marriage, I'm contemplating filing for divorce. My husband and I met each other right after completing college and somehow, despite our strikingly different pasts, connected instantly and grew to realize that we viewed the world in very similar ways. Julie Metz: I certainly felt for this writer, because I've been there. You know him as this put-together guy who's compassionate and thoughtful, and that's who he has made himself into. Sometimes it's OK and appropriate and the best thing not to foreclose the possibility of some kind of healing, but also recognize that you can't be with this person right now until he figures out some basic stuff.

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All of it was intensely painful when I found out, and it really upended my life completely, in every possible way.

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In this letter, she describes learning that her husband had hired prostitutes and messaged women on dating websites. You believe you know someone, and then, somehow, suddenly, you don't. The real problem is that he's a compulsive liar.

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