Sperm in the butt

sperm in the butt
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Your gastrointestinal system which is connected to your anus is not connected to your reproductive system, so there is truly and utterly no way for even a very determined sperm to float through your body and get you pregnant. Let's all go out and kiss someone right now! Not if you do it alone, not if you do it in front of someone else, not if you do it on a webcam for someone you met on a Supernatural fan forum who lives in Denmark. They can only get in your reproductive system if that's where they were originally deposited i. These two paths do not cross

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Jamie. Age: 30.
sperm in the butt

There is no way to get pregnant from oral sex, even if you consume a gallon of semen or have open sores in your mouth — sperm cannot "go" through your blood stream into your reproductive system.

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Lilliana. Age: 24.
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Can I Get Pregnant From Anal Sex? Here Are 15 Sexual Activities That Will Not Make A Baby

But just using a sex toy by yourself or with a partner, that hasn't been anywhere near your partner's sexual secretions? Your mouth is connected to your gastrointestinal tract. You are totally safe from pregnancy and clearly more fashionable than me. So let me give you the definitive answer: no, you are not going to get pregnant from a toilet seat.

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