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bedpost orgasm
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This suggests that men take responsibility for a woman's sexual satisfaction, the authors note. He continues: "You need to educate him about your body, your sexual pleasure, and help him to realize that your way of arriving at an orgasm could be very different from how his last partner orgasmed, or from how he has orgasms. The four variables were that the men either always made the woman come even though she had or hadn't with previous partners, or never came with him even though she had or hadn't in the past with other men. Women need to help their partners understand "that your overall pleasure is just as important as whether you did or didn't have an orgasm," he tells Broadly, "and that begins with how he greets you at the door, the feeling you get when he hugs you, and whether he makes you feel desired and valued. These findings, courtesy of two University of Michigan researchers, suggest that men who think sexually pleasing women is important are really doing it to please themselves. They continued: "Cultural ideas about masculinity push many men to feel like they need to live up to certain ideals, and this ends up being bad for sexual pleasure. The study analyzed the responses of men who were 18 and older and currently sexually attracted to women.

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In an interview with psychology news website PsyPost, the authors noted that women's orgasms "shouldn't be seen as another notch on the bedpost, so to speak.

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But, contrary to popular belief, a woman's orgasm history had little impact on how masculine a man felt. Afterward, researchers took stock of participants' feelings of masculinity as well as their sexual esteem, among other things. Because previous research has shown men gleaning sexual satisfaction from a woman coming, the authors were interested in finding out if men view female orgasms as a "masculinity achievement. A study published in in the Journal of Sex Research found that men view the female orgasm as an opportunity to confirm their manhood.

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