Rouge the bat comic

rouge the bat comic
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In the early stages of the Shattered World Crisis , Team Dark was called in for a briefing regarding an unpleasant surprise: the presence of a New Black Comet approaching Mobius. Rouge is a strong-minded young woman, a fearless, ambitious, independent, flirtatious, greedy, ruthless, calculating narcissist who most people see as only caring for herself and her gems. However, Eclipse then arrived with the Dark Arms, disabling Omega with Blurk before calling upon Cregal 's powers to battle Rouge in the air. Shadow then stunned his teammates-and enraged Knuckles-by insisting that the Master Emerald be transported to a G. She and several other natives of the planet eventually boarded the Black Comet , where they were rendered helpless by a paralyzing neurotoxin.

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rouge the bat comic

She revealed to Eggman that her main reason for coming against him was payback for his kidnapping of Shadow, which prompted Eggman to order that she be subjected to the same fate he had met: that of becoming one of the Roboticized Masters.

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Rouge the Bat (Archie)

After having Omega pop her shoulder back into place, Rouge responded to a hail from Shadow, and informed him that Eclipse had obtained the Emerald and was on his way to their shuttle. She informed him of their dire straits while facing the frustrating Gemini Man , whose decoy ability proved to be quite an annoyance. During the erased events of the timeline where they engaged Mephiles, she swore to always stand by him.

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