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A truly popular show is one that has lasted for many years and continues to be popular from generation to generation. And when it comes to animated TV shows, The Simpsons is one of the shows that really made it big and can be considered a classic. Generally speaking, it is a humorous spoof about the American society and culture, several facets of human condition, and the lifestyle of a middle class American family- composed of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie- who live in a fictional town called Springfield.

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The Simpsons costumes are going to please fans of this TV series. After 25 years on air, the Simpsons are still as fresh, satirical and humorous as in the early days. If you are looking for clothes that suit a whole group of joyful fellows for Halloween parties, cosplay, Comic-con events or other get together, then The Simpsons costumes are the ideal option. The Simpsons characters have probably been the most popular figures in the history of cartoon series.

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That nice conceit, so deadly accurate when you consider the affinity some unfortunates have for MSG and fructose, can be adapted for restaurants: tell me where you eat and I will tell you what you want to be. At least, no one who in the past 50 years has shown any significant vital signs. So, anticipatory tears about its imminent passing are misplaced.

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They face the TV, bow and then sit at the couch. BOY 2: [on television] AY! I'll kick you in the nnnnads!

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Are you ready to have your childhood ruined? Actually, not just your childhood, maybe your entire ability to open your eyes will be rendered impossible after seeing this harrowing version of The Simpsons ' Marge in full, naked, twerking action. His posts began fairly tame with the muscular actor donning bulbous Simpson-style eyeballs and Marge's trademark towering blue barnet.

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Kang and Kodos laughing This has been a bad week, even for you, Simpson. Concrete in the sandbox? I don't get lost anymore! Spreading the rumor that today's lunch would be served by a naked lady.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Homer walking onto stage and saying 'Good Evening' is a parody of Alfred Hitchcockwho frequently introduced his TV series in this manner.

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As a series that thrives on Rule of Funny while reveling in its Negative Continuitythat really can't be helped. Happily, the show's extensive experience with the trope, along with its masterful use of Rapid-Fire Comedy and breathless non sequiturshas elevated the comic Noodle Incident to an art form; many are among the funniest, most quotable, and most remembered jokes in given episodes. Go Back to the main page hereor find examples from other western animation here.


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