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In my last blog post, I listed 75 statements about you that are lies. Then we looked at how in Christ Jesus they are all lies. In the gospel our identity is not created by what we do or is done to us — but we are given the identity of Jesus.

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Point of lay can be anything from weeks of age but occasionally they can be sold when they are a little younger. They should start laying around 4 weeks from arrival but some can take a bit longer to mature and anything up to 25 weeks or even 30 weeks of age is possible depending on the breed and the time of year. If you notice that your hens are flattening themselves on the ground when you approach, this is often a good indicator that eggs aren't far off as they are adopting the mating position!

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The average laying hen spends a significant amount of her lifetime producing and laying eggs. Your hen's body creates a new egg roughly every 24 to 27 hours, resulting in her laying more than eggs each year. If you take a little bit of time to get to know your hen's laying habits, you should not have any problem telling when your chicken is getting ready to lay a new egg.

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If you've ever seen live termite workers or looked at a picture of termites in their nest, you've probably gotten the impression that they look almost larval. They don't have hard exoskeletons like many insects do. Instead, they look soft and milky. Termites look larval because, in a lot of ways, they are larval.

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Quails are small, plump, and shy birds that lay tiny eggs. They are a favorite back garden poultry species due to not needing as much space as other poultry species. Laying quails need spacious and safe housing, bedding for nesting, and as little stress and disturbance as possible.

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I have a female blue-and-gold macaw that is 17 years old. I have only had her for about six months. She was given to me by some close friends.

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Q: Four years ago, we purchased a pair of juvenile plum-headed parakeets. Unfortunately, we have yet to see our first egg. They have their own room, and our vet says that their diet is complete.

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Discussion in ' Geese ' started by Friend2FowlMar 3, BackYard Chickens. Conflicting info: At what age do geese lay eggs?

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